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Introducing the new on-line Course: “Parenting is Healthcare”®


The first online, continuing education course that provides the foundation your staff needs to understand the link among stress, toxic stress and parenting.  Available through Johnson County (KS) Community College, it includes an overview of the ACE Study and a review of how healthy parenting can mitigate stress from becoming toxic.  The course concludes with a review of how Behavior Checker makes it easy to deliver healthy parenting every appointment, every day for every child, just like medical care. 

The curriculum increased workforce confidence, comfort and competence as demonstrated by the "Feasibility Study of Behavior Checker: Enhancing the Capacity of Pediatric Staff to Deliver Evidence-Based Strategies to Manage Children's Common Behavioral Issues for Parents", presented at the Society for Prevention Research in June, 2017.

Course Description

Parenting is Healthcare supports the call for action for healthcare, and the latest evidence for why healthy parenting is critical for a child’s development and future health. Healthcare professionals will learn how to provide parents and caregivers: standardized, evidence-based parenting prescriptions; techniques and tools that support healthy parenting while managing common childhood behavioral occurrences; and how to easily incorporate Behavior Checker into the workflow. Healthy children need healthy parenting. 

The course objectives include:

1) Recognize that the stress of parenting can lead to unhealthy parenting.

2) Recognize the relationship among unhealthy parenting and toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences and long-term unhealthy physical and mental health outcomes: bullying, obesity, depression, diabetes, sexual abuse, anxiety, drug addiction, heart disease, cancer and suicide.

3) Identify how Mind S.E.T., the Behavior Checker intervention and parent communication tools help professionals teach parents healthy parenting to prevent and reverse adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.

4) Identify how to integrate the Behavior Checker intervention into the organization workflow, as a systemic, standardized, universal practice to support healthy parenting and optimum health, learning and behavior.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Unell

Raised with Love and Limits Foundation

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